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What If You Remembered It Wrong???

What if we just remember it wrong?  For years I have said that something happens in our life and in that moment we make a decision about ourselves, about God or about others.  I see it as satan’s plan to keep us from knowing who we are in Christ. He is out to steal us from our true identity, our greatness, our goodness, the who God created us to be.

What if your memories or interpretations of the past are just wrong?

I had been working with a client for few weeks going over past memories to dissolve them but we kept talking about a current situation with a new manager at work.  Based on my client’s interpretation the new manager treated her like she was stupid, didn’t have time for her, belittled her in front of peers and she felt she was being pushed out of the corporation.  That thought alone can be terrifying as you near retirement age but aren’t quite ready for it yet.

As we talked several times about the new manager I looked through the list she had provided as to the origin of these type of thoughts.  You see maybe the manager was or wasn’t doing all those things however, the problem is often times we are pulling current events through an old filtering system that is inaccurate.  When you have inaccurate data it will skew the outcome every time.  It is like putting a faulty equation in an excel spreadsheet and being mad, hurt, disappointed when it gives you inaccurate results.

My client continually said “she treats me like I am stupid”.  When I hear statements like that I ask the question “where did you receive the information you are stupid”.  You see we don’t arrive on this planet with that type information, we have either learned or concluded that information due to an experience.  That led us back to a memory of her moving across the country when she was 6.

At 6 years old she moved from the north to the south and there were a couple issues or incidents in that move that stood out in my client’s mind.  Usually we blow off memories like this as we tuck them away and consider them irrelevant but yet they are close to the surface of our mind.  But what I have come to understand when we are struggling in current relationships there is usually a faulty or out dated belief system in play.

This is kind of funny, kind of not but my client had a hard time understanding the children in her new school.  I am not sure if you have ever visited the deep south but she felt like they were speaking a foreign language that she did not understand.  The client felt “stupid” because she would answer questions incorrectly not because she didn’t know the answer but because she couldn’t understand the question and she was embarrassed to let anyone know.  She was embarrassed you answered the questions wrong.  She was embarrassed that someone might find out she didn’t understand because she assumed she should know, that she was the one doing it wrong.

The second memory the client held onto was that she was moved to the back of the class at her new school because she was deemed “slow”.  She just knew without question that everyone in that school though she was stupid.

We processed the language barrier utilizing basic EFT, releasing the emotions of not understanding what the other children saying, their dialect, the words were even different, the embarrassing feelings.  We tapped on the southerners talk so funny books are written about it.  I threw the kitchen sink at all the aspects of not understanding the children in the new school.

I love EFT because suddenly she chuckled and said I figured it out quickly but it really was like going to another country and now I sound just like them.  Those brilliant aha moments when the brain releases and we are released from the lie, “I am stupid because I don’t understand southern”.

The second memory was about being moved to the back of the classroom.  I asked her when she changed schools, what month.  As she thought about it she realized it was after Halloween which means class was well under way.  I asked her where she thought the empty desks would have been in the classroom after school had been going on for a couple months.  She laughed and stated, in the back of the class.  She realized she had taken initiative and worked on harder work almost immediately in the classroom and the teacher gave her more challenging work to meet her intellectual demand.

When our minds are stuck on inaccurate data (I am slow and put in the back of the classroom) then we lose other pertinent information (the teacher gave me more challenging work almost immediately).  She did not remember that piece until we released the first.

In that moment years of believing she was stupid unraveled.  The lie that she was stupid was released when the light of the truth was delivered in combination with EFT.  Working within the system of EFT allows the brain to release the old data and receive the new.

Why does it matter, what makes it really important? My client’s relationship with the new boss continues to improve and she is excited about the new challenge of the new job.  As she continues to do the work her food has changed without much work on her part, she is making healthy food choices, is keeping her commitment to exercise regularly and speak kind of herself.  When internally you change how you see yourself how you relate in the world just simply changes.  No angst, no white knuckling, life just becomes simpler, easier to navigate.

What story in your life are you remembering wrong or without all the information?  What old belief is negatively impacting your life today that is undermining every relationship you have including the one with yourself and God?

Tammy Marshall is a dynamic and passionate Speaker, Writer and Christ Follower, Tammy works diligently to bring emotional freedom to those still suffering. At age 14 Tammy knew she was to help others “get out” but didn’t know exactly what that meant. But after overcoming her own addictions at age 25 and walking out the journey of emotional eating, molestation and co-dependency she began to work with others to “get out”. Today not only does she understand what it is it to get out of a damaging lifestyle, belief system and mind set but has created a method to teach others. She is the creator of Christ Focused Tapping and a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, mother to Hayden and dog mom to Bo & Bella. She is committed to shining the truth of God’s love into every lie satan plants in a person’s life to steal their identity of who they are in Christ so they can walk in true freedom.

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