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The UnEmotional Private Program

The UnEmotional Eater is a program of change. After doing every diet that felt like was known to mankind I realized trying to control the food was just like I had done with alcohol 26 years earlier. That insanity that if I drank this instead of that, if I ate this before I drank, if I held my head right and hopped on one foot (just kidding), but some of my ideas felt that ridiculous. But I had those same crazy thoughts with food too:

But the truth was I was always trying to control my outsides and never worked on my insides. What they will tell you in Alcoholics Anonymous is alcohol is but a symptom and the same is true with food. Food was actually the answer to my internal frustration, stress, panic, anxiety, and the like.

The UnEmotional Eater is about resetting the internal response. The internal response to stress, thoughts and food. The amazing thing that happens with this 6 Step Process is you are able to create new stress response at the snap of a finger resulting in change in your relationships with your loved ones, co-workers, food but more importantly yourself.

So I teach clients the techniques and work with them to understand their specific ways that have been keeping them stuck. I have found some clients like to work in groups but others like to work privately to better accommodate their schedules and to expedite their overall process.

I limit working with one on one clients to 10 per year. To schedule a discovery session to determine if a tailored private program is best suited for you click here.

This program is offered by application only. To apply, click here.

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