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It happens to us all. We get stuck in the negative patterns in our brain, and no matter how many talks you give ourselves or promises we make, we find ourselves back in the same anxiety producing place.

I have been sitting in the pew most of my adult life, and many of you have been sitting in the pew much longer, but if you’re like me your thoughts are killing you. They are driving you back to do that thing you swore you wouldn’t do; they have you so anxious you feel like a cat on a hot tin roof and they have you feeling defeated in your home, your work and in the Kingdom for Christ.

I know it’s hard. Our thoughts become somewhat of a whirlwind, and it’s almost impossible to stop. What if I told you I have the tools to teach you how to “take every thought captive”? I know because I’ve been through it and come out on the other side. And I know you can, too.

I teach people how to take back their brain, their thoughts, and ultimately their lives.


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