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Do You Know What is in Your Checking or Eating Account?

Hey, how are you? My name is Tammy Marshall and I am The UnEmotional Eater. I just want to say welcome.

I woke up the other day with this crazy analogy about how I always know pretty much what’s in my checking account, especially before I would ever write a check. I know that before I write a check that I can cover it. But yet we have a tendency to eat food without knowing that we are going to be able to cover the calories. I just thought it was a really interesting analogy.

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The Best Thing You Can Do in 2016: A Vision Board

Have you asked yourself these two questions lately? “God, what do you have in store for 2016? What needs to be grown in me to line up with your vision of this year”?

As I reflected on the ending of 2015 and the entering of 2016, I spent some time with some of my friends doing a vision board to answer these questions.

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Love – Hate Relationships with God, Yourself and Others

As I was hanging up the phone a few days ago with my mentor I jokingly said “you know I have a love-hate relationship with you.  There are days I wish we had never met but at the same time I am eternally grateful for the relationship with God”.  And her sweet, leveling response, “I wonder when you will be able to have love-love relationships in your life”.

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Health Starts in the Gut, What?

When new clients begin to work with me they think I am going to put them on some rigid diet with a list of what they cannot eat. UGH, if you are a chronic dieter it is the worst I know.  But what I do is begin to invite you into slow, gradual, sustainable change.

Let’s start that conversation with ……

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Solve the Heart Condition, Heal the Weight

In my grappling to solve my weight problem I finally realized I was solving the wrong problem.  The reality was the relationship of love/hate I had with food, was a reflection of the relationship I had with myself.  God’s command was that we love God with all our heart and love our neighbor as our self.  When that scripture hit me I realized I did love others as I loved myself which wasn’t a lot honestly.  I was as judgmental and critical of them because I was even more judgmental and critical of me.

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Are You Eating Counterfeit Food?

I was on retreat a few weeks back and I just kept writing counterfeit because that was the word I heard in my head. I am a doodler so I write words that I hear and just play with them in my head. I have learned when God gives you a word look it up in the dictionary.  There are always interesting insight there.

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