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What Are You Afraid You Will Have to Do or Give Up in Order to Lose the Weight?

Really, ask yourself what are you afraid you will be asked to do or give up in order to lose the weight?
As I was working on myself recently I realized I have strong resistance to any type of food restrictions or accountability.  Yes, I realize I am the girl who is standing up front preaching about emotional eating but I do that out of my own journey.  There is no speaking from an ivory tower but from the trenches of figuring out the complexities of the big question WHY!

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What If You Remembered It Wrong???

What if we just remember it wrong?  For years I have said that something happens in our life and in that moment we make a decision about ourselves, about God or about others.  I see it as satan’s plan to keep us from knowing who we are in Christ. He is out to steal us from our true identity, our greatness, our goodness, the who God created us to be.

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Heal Your Body From the Inside Out Seeda Smoothie Recipe

Let me share the Seeda Shake Recipe I have been doing for a few weeks.  My friend David Crockett and yes he really is a decedent of THE Davy Crockett shared this family recipe with me.

The premise behind the ingredients is this is what our ancestors would have been eating most of the time.  People in the 1800’s were not eating animal protein every meal.  They either didn’t have it due to availability or affordability.  The majority of the time they ate what was readily available which were seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

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Eavesdropping at the Coffee Shop

I was sitting in the coffee shop quietly working but overhearing this conversation in the corner.

Two women coming into the coffee shop to have their morning coffee, catch up, settle into some me time after dropping off the kids at school.  It was then I heard my conversation.  The conversation I have with my clients.

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If You Have Ever Had Suicidal Thoughts, Please Read This

I want to share on a pretty tough and vulnerable topic for me and many others. I want to talk about suicidal thoughts. Please do not bash me, judge me or call 911. I am sharing my experience, my habits and my walking out to health.

For years I had developed a habit of considering suicide. It started when I was a child, feeling overwhelmed and powerless in my family situation. When I say that, I will tell you that I have heard stories that were so much worse than mine; but for whatever reason in those moments I felt helpless, alone, powerless and like there was no end.

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The Miracle of Going from Fighting Like a Junk Yard Dog to the Joyful Pumpkin (Part 1)

I have spent many years keeping my mouth shut, holding back being afraid to speak.

With a failed marriage, financial ruin, and a God crisis, I just flat out lost my voice. I didn’t want to speak, as nothing I had taught or done seemed to be true or working. It worked for all my other friends, so why was everything in my life hitting the skids?

But it was. It was ugly and I lived—barely—but I did.

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