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What Are You Afraid You Will Have to Do or Give Up in Order to Lose the Weight?

Really, ask yourself what are you afraid you will be asked to do or give up in order to lose the weight?   

As I was working on myself recently I realized I have strong resistance to any type of food restrictions or accountability.  Yes, I realize I am the girl who is standing up front preaching about emotional eating but I do that out of my own journey.  There is no speaking from an ivory tower but from the trenches of figuring out the complexities of the big question WHY!

Why do diets not work, why do I eat when I don’t want to, why did I gain it back, why do I sabotage, why do I eat that when I know how I will feel after why, why, why…..
So I asked myself this question, what was I afraid I would have to give up or do in order to eat in a way that made me feel alive, balanced and in control of myself.
Well let me tell you what I saw….  Trauma.  The trauma of all the diets.  The trauma from all the expectations and failure.  The trauma of visibly, publicly slimming down to only beef up again.  Embarrassment.  Expectation.  Fear.  Rejection.  Abandonment.  Blah, yuck, blah, yuck.
So I did what I always do now when I uncover something I don’t really like inside myself I began to tap.  You see one of the biggest diets or lifestyle changes I ever went on was in 1997 with an Overeater’s Anonymous meal plan called GreySheet.  It is a high protein, low carb meal plan that left me smaller than I had ever been, feeling more balanced emotionally and physically than I thought possible and with more energy than I knew what to do with quite frankly.
Which would make you wonder why you would ever stop eating that way, right!  Well part of this plan was to call your food in daily, weigh and measure every morsel and you could not deviate from the plan. Guess what happened.  Yep, you guessed it after 9 months and a size 0 I came flying off that diet like a sling shot!  It was amazing how ravenous my deprived body was.  So the thought of restriction leaves me with the memory of those 9 months of constantly feeling deprived.  My mind was so stuck on the deprivation it could not take in the all benefits.
Which leads me to tapping.  When our mind is traumatized it is stuck on replay loop.  Good or bad, it is playing in the background. Which is why we are left feeling so stuck. I would try to go back to eating the GreySheet meal plan but I would sabotage every time.  The trauma memory was pulling me off the beam.
With a little tapping, a new message is received and I was able to move forward into eating the way my body feels most alive.  That is really what I am after, I want to eat in a way that my body feels alive, energized and balanced.
Here is a video I recorded talking about it.
Tammy 3
Click the pictures to play….
I just want to let you know you can take your power back from food.  I have figured out along the way this is really a love story.  This has been a journey of learning to love and accept myself with all my flaws and imperfections.  It has been a journey of receiving the love of God and out of the outpouring loving others.



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