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Stress Expert and Emotional Eating Specialist

Hello, my name is Tammy Marshall, I just want you to know it is not your fault! The weight loss industry has duped you into thinking you have failed. I teach women how to take their power back from food, getting to the heart of the matter. Empowering you to create joy in your life around food, your self and Godread more


The UnEmotional Eater program was created after my own experience of struggling with emotional eating. Often times in the recovery process people do what we call switch seats on the Titanic moving from alcohol, drugs to things such as food, shopping, busyness and the like. Out of my own journey of healing, studying, applying cutting edge science to the age old question, "why do I do what I don't want to do".

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At EHI we know people need different ways of healing, learning, teaching so we have created programs to meet you where you are on the journey. We have created programs ranging from 4 day private, intensive, respites to group coaching. Learn more about the different programs we offer our clients that bring the joy they have been longing for in their lives.

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What Are You Afraid You Will Have to Do or Give Up in Order to Lose the Weight?

Really, ask yourself what are you afraid you will be asked to do or give up in order to lose the weight? As I was working on myself recently I realized I have strong re

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